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The evolutionary link: how Wally’s new wallypower50 is set to redefine a genre. Again.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cannes – 14 September 2023 - Wally and the Ferretti Group are no strangers to launching class-leading, ground-breaking, breathtaking new models, and at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 another future icon is set to join the ranks. Welcome to the wallypower50, that serves as the magic connection between utility and comfort, between performance and style, and between form and function.
The new wallypower50 is a real key addition to the range, serving as a link between the wallytenders and the wallypowers,” says Stefano de Vivo, Managing Director at Wally. “As such we have imbued it with everything that both ranges offer, and more besides – the wallypower50 sets a new standard for being flexible, practical, dynamic and – of course – iconic. It is the ultimate example of the evolution of a species and it highlights once again that Wally remains several steps ahead of anything else on the market.”
Key to the wallypower50 is the ethos that has been applied to its design and its options list. At its core, it’s the natural little sister to the wallypower58 unveiled to great acclaim in 2022 – it borrows from those same design cues and offers the same comfort on deck and below for fun days out and weekends on the water.
But the wallypower50 is more than just the baby of the wallypower range. The concept for its design revolved around creating a bridge between the more open style of the wallytender43 and wallytender48 and the larger wallypower58. The result is a model that can be specced to a seemingly endless array of operational profiles for a vast array of customers, from support vessel to standalone family cruiser.
The multifaceted nature of the wallypower50 is not just an idea on paper – it is carried through to the extensive options list that allows it to become whatever her owners need it to be. Her clean lines and stem design reflect the iconic style of the larger wallypowers, but the wallypower50 can also be specified with the wraparound fender of the wallytenders for those seeking more practical applications.
The wallypower50 also comes with a practical alternative to the wallypower58’s central aft sunpad – in this case, two separate sunbeds which maximises the use of space on deck, particularly with the wings, which mirror those on the wallypower58, opened creating an additional 6 square metres of aft deck space.
There is also practicality in the wallypower50’s layout, with an upper cockpit area providing ample seating for eight guests under the coachroof plus four more on two forward-facing bench seats; below there is a large, open space that offers the ultimate in flexibility, plus a comfortable bathroom with separate shower, a large couch, and an inviting double bed. It’s the ultimate weekender pied-a-terre, complete with natural light from above and the optional addition of Wally’s Magic Portholes below, as seen on the wallypower58.
The closed cockpit is pushed far forward to provide space for inside/outside living, allowing its use in all weather conditions.
A Wally isn’t a Wally if it doesn’t perform on the water, and the wallypower50 doesn’t disappoint the expectations. It draws on the same propulsion package installed in the wallytender48, so it is already proven to be reliable and robust across a range of operational demands. At its heart are twin Volvo Penta IPS650s that can take the wallypower50 past 36 knots, while offering both a 30-knot cruise and easy joystick handling with DPS (optional) in close-quarters manoeuvres. The deep-V hull ensures a faster cruise in bigger seas, and the model is also offered in the X version with quad 400hp Mercury outboards that deliver a scintillating ride at 48 knots while still offering a 240-nautical-mile range.
If the optional Mercury 500hp Racing configuration is chosen, the wallypower50X can exceed 50 knots of maximum speed, with a range of 180 nautical miles.
With unlimited dayboat potential and elegant overnight facilities for two, integral versatility and superb handling, the wallypower50 is the natural progression from a wallytender while also serving as an entry point to the iconic wallypower looks, convenience, innovation, style and performance.
You can draw a direct line from the original, legendary wallypower118 to the wallypower50,” says Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer. “The wallypower118’s heart beats within the wallypower50 and the wallypower118’s sharp, angular lines, deep-V hull and aggressive double-chine profile are mirrored in the wallypower50’s dynamic and seaworthy hull – but the wallypower50 is perhaps the purest and most essential in form yet to earn the ‘power’ epithet. What’s more, its ability to be anything from chase boat to dayboat, offering everything from utilitarian support to ultimate style makes it another milestone launch for Wally.”

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