Our values


Ferretti Group promises more than superior craftsmanship and a rich heritage.

Ours is a truly global group, delivering experiences that consistently surpass the expectations of our clients around the world. With a passion for quality, outstanding performance, and exclusive design, we are proud to be leaders in the luxury-yacht industry.



We have developed a potent integrated business model that has powered our brands' rapid growth with a mix of agility, balance and responsibility.

All the group-wide functions are coordinated centrally, freeing up precious time to focus on the essentials: developing and renewing our brands, our client-relations efforts, and excellence of execution at every step.



Ferretti Group's human-resources framework provides employees with the tools they need to power their professional growth.

They receive constant support to help develop their skills and expertise and build a strong group culture that transcends individual brands.


The Product Strategy Committee is responsible for research & development and the implementation of new products for all group brands.

With an array of iconic, highly customisable motor yachts from 8 to 95 metres long, Ferretti Group keeps delivering excellence through constant innovation and pioneering technology.


Social Responsibility

A leader in luxury yachting must also be a leader in caring for the environment.

Ferretti Group has a long-term commitment to keep developing innovative, environmentally friendly projects to help safeguard our rich heritage for future generations.