Integrated Management System

Certification according to internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2015 attests to compliance with the highest standards of all the company’s processes that impact on the quality of products and services and, ultimately, on the unconditional satisfaction of Customers, also in terms of the customer experience. In 2006, Ferretti S.p.A. was a pioneer in the shipbuilding industry when it undertook and completed the ISO certification process designed to ensure excellence in the organisation and management of all workflows involved in the production of products and services, from initial development to final delivery, through the creation, management and maintenance of a consolidated set of best practices and know-how.

Certification according to internationally recognised standard ISO 14001:2015 contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability, with a view to preserving the environment. In 2019, Ferretti SpA began the process of extending this certification to all its production centres, with the aim of analysing, optimising and where possible improving its environmental performance in terms of both processes and products. As a shipbuilder, one of Ferretti’s objectives is the design and production of vessels that meet the most demanding market requirements in terms of performance, reliability and aesthetics, with an ever-increasing focus on environmental sustainability through detailed product lifecycle analysis.