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News and events 2009

The Ferretti Group presents FAIR

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La Spezia, 8th July 2009 – The Ferretti group, a world leader within the sphere of the design, construction and sale of luxury motoryachts encompassing a unique portfolio of nine of the most exclusive brands in the nautical world, is presenting a new, important technological innovation: FAIR (Ferretti Analysis Integral Recorder), the very first integrated system for monitoring the performance of group yachts during testing, enabling not only simultaneous acquisition of operating data, but also their analysis and processing.

The system, exclusive to Ferretti group yachts, is yet another significant achievement in terms of research and innovation, enabling the group to guarantee clients a product which has been tested thoroughly and objectively.

In fact, FAIR, as in “right” and “truthful”, enables testers to determine whether a yacht complies with strict tolerance parameters, both immediately and clearly. Moreover, it shows if she presents operating faults or deviations compared to the standards of the model and the project curves, without, in any way, influencing test times and procedures. This system will thus enable Ferretti to determine, both truthfully and correctly, the conformity of its yachts to the specifications set down by the AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), the Ferretti group’s naval research and design centre.

FAIR is, therefore, a new, important result for the Ferretti group within the sphere of thequality of its yachts. For clients, it will be a synonym for total reliability in terms of the data measured andtheir yacht’s conformity to the reference specifications.

Developed by means of “star” architecture, FAIR enables a continuous, automatic flow of data by means of a ‘plug and play’ interface which connects the system to all the information sources. With a simple click made by the user, over thirty important measurements relating to the engines (from the longitudinal and transversal trim thanks to a bluetooth inclinometre, studied and designed exclusively for the Ferretti group, to trim tabs positions, helm angle, engine revolutions, consumption, range, speed, veer ranges and much more) are registered simultaneously at a one hertz frequency. This enables synchronisation and integration of all data of interest coming from the different sensors and subsystems on the yacht (which have been separate one from the other to date), creating respective LOG files for each size and correlation. The system also enables synchronisation with other acquisition systems, particularly high frequency detection apparatus for measuring vibrations and dynamic stress.

Therefore, FAIR makes it possible to benefit from a continuous, automatic flow of data towards a single processing interface and centralised system of archiving, consulting and analysing managed by the AYT. The interface is, in fact, able to analyse all test parameters archiving the test data in a single database, automatically creating functional graphics and guaranteeing, besides the repeatability of the tests over the years, comparison with the data of origin of each yacht.

Developed by the Ferretti group with the support of the Department of Information Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications of Pisa University, FAIR has been experimented since 2007 on Pershing yachts. After two years of testing, it was then tested on all the models of the group before a single data output procedure was developed, which today guarantees all Ferretti clients achieve the necessary quality and market standards. The system is available in several modelssupplied as standard to all Ferretti group shipyard testing departments.

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