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The essence of boating: wallywhy100 brings unique function and style to key 70-foot segment.


There’s nowhere quite like Venice, the unique and iconic apotheosis of architecture, romance and water – and there’s nothing quite like a Wally, the exceptional application of design, functionality and sea-going flair that always remains two steps ahead of the rest of the market. It’s why Wally chose Venice to present the extraordinary new wallywhy100 in December 2023 at an exclusive Ferretti Group’s event.
The wallywhy100 is the logical extension of the next-gen wallywhy range, drawing on the key features that have marked her larger sisters – the wallywhy200 and wallywhy150 – and taking elements from other members of the Wally family to deliver a 21.4-metre yacht that sets pulses racing with its looks and performance as easily as it draws deep, relaxed sighs from its guests on board.
The single living level brings the iconic stealth-style glass superstructure, the open living areas and vast sea terrace into a package that delivers in every aspect, from her performance to her accommodations and her styling. She’s as breathtaking an addition to the market as Venice was a breathtaking backdrop to her debut.
“You couldn’t ask for a more fitting location to reveal the exceptional wallywhy100 than  Venice – a place where the canals run like veins carrying the lifeblood of the city, just like the saltwater that runs in the veins of everyone at Wally,” enthuses Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s Managing Director. “Venice is an exceptional location that is very dear to the Ferretti Group, and its intrinsic connection to the water perfectly embodies the connection to the sea that the wallywhy100 offers by bringing the cutting edge, open-terrace design of her larger sisters to an approachable, sleek, nimble and class-leading 70-footer.”
Wally’s unshakeable belief in the concept designs they create, has resulted in the brand’s well-deserved iconic status. So it is that the wallywhy100 ignores the trend of similar-sized vessels that divide the layout over different levels – with the aim of creating the illusion of more space – by using a single-level, bow-to-stern layout. It delivers a glorious yawn of space that can be enjoyed in myriad different ways.
Central to this single-level approach is a shift in thinking in how we interact with the sea and surroundings when on board, and that in turn creates something unique at this size – an enormous guest area that flows from saloon to dining to deck to terrace to sea in a genius stroke of design where inside and outside are fully interchangeable. It’s all about delivering the ultimate flexible open-enclosed pace where the confining superstructures of a traditional yacht architecture seem to evaporate, leaving nothing but room to breathe, relax and enjoy however you wish.
It all culminates, of course, in that trademark aft sea terrace, a beach deck which on the wallywhy100 stretches to 14 square metres. That includes a hydraulic hi-lo platform for launching tenders and toys up to 3.6 metres in length, and a separate hydraulic passerelle -swim ladder that ensures easy access to the water or the dock. Drop-down wings aft extend the terrace by close to 50 percent and offer unobstructed views across the water.
Further forward, the angular glass superstructure contains the hybrid saloon and dining area plus the wallywhy100’s own bridge of sighs – an internal helm with joystick control that serves as the perfect spot to guide the yacht to its twin-D13-powered 24-knot cruise, and top speed of 27 knots if you opt for the Volvo Penta IPS1350 option.
And, of course, there are those looks. “The yacht’s appearance is 100 percent derived from its function,” offers Luca Bassani, Wally’s Founder and Chief Designer. “It stands out from other boats on the market due to its strengthening of the relationship between functionality and performance. The closed cockpit is pushed far forward to provide space for inside/outside living which gives the wallywhy100 an eye-catching, sleek but still aggressive look. It’s further emphasised by a large and inviting beach area and the tall and imposing, slightly reversed bow which guarantees a dry and safe ride in all conditions. It’s unmistakeably a Wally, and unmistakeably a wallywhy, but that also means it is unmistakeably seaworthy as well as unmissably liveable.”
There’s more, too. While the wallywhy100 serves as the perfect dayboat, she’s equally at home as a weekender or for longer jaunts (and after all, once on board you won’t want to get off). There is a full-beam master cabin aft on the lower deck, complete with ensuite that features electrically switched privacy glass that can effectively close the area off or leave it open to maximise the sense of space and light in the cabin. Hull portholes confer views and light, while a wardrobe and extensive storage options make for an eminently practical space.
There are also two guest cabins, comprising a VIP stateroom to port and a twin to starboard, both boasting ensuites and both offering large hull portholes. Crew are also well served, with dedicated crew access both from the main and lower decks without having to cross into guest spaces – a feature seldom seen at this size.
Up on the foredeck, the wallywhy100 borrows from the wallypower world with a dedicated, multi-use lounge that can serve as an aperitivo area or a spot for alfresco meals with its dining table. What’s more, the two seats can be converted into sunbeds complete with headrest cushions facing aft. This transformable area creates an all-purpose living space for guests at anchor or underway and underscores the flexibility the wallywhy100 offers for all types of cruising.
“The wallywhy100 was born from a gap in the market,” says De Vivo. “While beautiful and sleek, traditional coupés do not offer the comfort and liveability that today’s owners expect from their boats. In the same way, larger and more voluminous boats generally don’t offer speed or usage flexibility. This leaves owners with a tough choice – do they want to compromise on comfort or performance?”
“Through the wallywhy line, we have solved this problem by harnessing all of the product and market knowledge we have accumulated over the years,” he continues. “Like its siblings, the wallywhy100 will be a game-changer in many different markets due to its compelling value proposition and infinite usage cases for a wide demographic. Some 20 years from now, the industry will still look at the wallywhy100 as a yacht that dared to be different – something that is engrained in Wally DNA.”
If you want to experience the wallywhy100 for yourself, the new model will be showcased at the 2024 Venice Boat Show and the 2024 Cannes Yachting Festival.


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