Forlì shipyard

The site and the shipyard

The Forlì production centre builds Ferretti, Itama and Wally yachts and is home to Ferretti Group’s head office. It is also where models, moulds and fibreglass hulls for several Group lines are made.

The site has recently expanded, following the acquisition of a facility next to the original industrial complex. This significant investment is designed to create new Wally production areas – including a new testing tank – plus administrative and representative offices.

51,524 m2
23,251 m2

The spaces houses a commercial showroom and an outdoor area dedicated to customers, as well as a thoroughly renovated production line.

In recent years, the shipyard has also taken on management of the docks, which are therefore the responsibility of the site administration. This development benefits not only the Forlì shipyard but the Ferretti Group as a whole.