Ferretti Yachts & Mochi Craft: together for a new challenge

13 сентября 2005 г.

It is a pleasure for me to announce you that, starting from September, 1st 2005 the Mochi Craft brand management has been entrusted to Ferrretti Yachts division. The consolidated team of Ferretti Yachts will thus take care of the Mochi lobster boat range enlargement which came out on November 2001 with the 51 Dolphin and then with the 74 Dolphin obtaining a great public success last year.
For Ferretti Yachts this represents a challenge together with the possibility to maximize the experience of more than 35 years off activity, skilfully mixing craftsmanship and industrial production under the name of quality and efficiency.
The upcoming Festival International de la Plaisance of Cannes will be the stage for a new Mochi Craft launch which will amaze the lobster enthusiasts and will rise interest on those who doesn't know it yet. I'll wait for you in Cannes at the Ferretti Yachts and Mochi Craft booth.