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ニュース&イベント 2014

Here comes the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28, the new model of the brand’s semi-displacement line


Cruise in perfect harmony with the sea on board a yacht that perfectly embodies the most sophisticated Made in Italy classic elegance and a flawless sea-keeping ability in any and all conditions. Enjoy its outstanding efficiency, which ensures an impressive range and goes hand in hand with a user-friendliness that can normally be found on smaller vessels. Relax surrounded by refined interiors, customized to the owner’s needs and made even more precious by top-quality furnishings signed by the best internationally renowned designers. Experience unique moments on a ‘villa’ overlooking the sea, conceived for those owners who prefer quiet cruising, surrounded by unparalleled comfort.

This is the ‘slow motion’ philosophy, that has always characterized Ferretti Custom Line semi-displacement maxi yachts, which have long been part of the history of the Italian Group and are now joined by the new model in the Navetta line: the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28.

Bound to become a new reference point in its segment, the new maxi yacht is the outcome of the cooperation between the Group’s Research and Development AYT&D department and the in-house Centro Stile, together with Studio Zuccon International Project. The Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 has a 28.31-meter (92.11-foot) length overall (LOA) and a hull length (HL) just below 24 meters (78.8 feet), allowing it to be classified as a Category A EC pleasure boat. Its full beam is 7 meters (23 feet).

Introducing the new model, Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group’s CEO, has talked about “a new chapter in the Ferretti Custom Line's adventure - a new extraordinary yacht that we are proud to present this year in Cannes. The Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 is a perfect blend of engineering, design, style and construction expertise and abilities, that harmoniously come together in Ferretti Custom Line and have allowed to build the five models currently making up the range - cutting-edge, innovative yachts that make the time spent onboard truly unique, meeting the needs and expectations of the most demanding owners”.

The Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 inherits various innovative solutions already in place on its ‘sister’ and flagship Navetta 33 Crescendo, but also includes several innovations, starting from an unmistakable outer profile, whose elegant and sinuous lines add a touch of sophistication to this yacht built with unrivalled craftsmanship, to the point of making it a true sculpture on the sea whose rounded shapes seem to have been moulded by the sea breeze itself.

Among the many details combining aesthetic features and functional solutions is, for instance, the circular sliding glazed door system in the panoramic dining area, located on the upper deck, which ensures a very flexible use of this area, allowing it to be closed towards the stern and connected to the salon, or, conversely, opened towards the outdoor areas. The wide sun-deck is a comfortable private deck for the owner and his guests, which upon request can be fitted with a Jacuzzi and an awning.

Natural light is the dominating element of the interiors: on the main deck, a continuous glazing stretches from bow to stern, widening amidships, while a series of innovative, extraordinarily large (1.4 sq. m each), stanchion-free hull windows have been installed for the first time on this model, at the height of the four guest cabins, and feature a very original design thanks to two ‘invisible’ portholes that are glued on the glass itself instead of being anchored to a fibreglass frame. Designed by AYT&D in cooperation with the Italian company Amaregroup, these special windows have passed a series of tests performed by RINA (Italian Naval Registry) to obtain the Type Approval certificate - a hydrostatic test at a pressure of 0.85 bars aimed at verifying any possible deformations and leaks -, as well as additional crash and breaking tests carried out voluntarily by the Ferretti Group.

The Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 immediately strikes for its absolutely innovative aft outer area, which is bound to become a trend-setter in the maxi yacht sector thanks to the Dual Mode Transom (DMT), the result of the cooperation between the Research and Development AYT&D department and the Group’s technical partners, Centro Stile srl and Besenzoni SpA. The DMT is an exclusive patent by Ferretti Group which provides huge advantages in terms of convenience, safety, and comfort, perfectly blending into one single system a floodable garage, a bathing platform, and a beach club of unparalleled dimensions on any other models of similar size.
This revolutionary electro-hydraulic system allows to open the hatch both upwards and downwards, thanks to one single pair of pistons, combining together three different functions and maximising the use of this area. When the hatch is opened upwards, access is gained to the wide floodable garage, which can store a jet tender up to 4.45 meters long; the latter can be easily launched or hauled by means of a few safe procedures without using a davit, but simply lowering the central part of the platform into the water, so that the tender can float inside the garage. The central submersible platform can also become a comfortable surface from which to dive into the sea or get back on board, but it can also be used as a lift for water toys and other equipment. The garage, indeed, can also be used to store, for instance, diving equipment.
When the hatch is opened downwards - even with the tender inside the garage - an approximately 9 sq. m beach area is obtained, since the hatch, completely open, turns into a horizontal platform flush with the two side areas of the aft bathing platform. To this purpose, the inside wall of the hatch has been lined in teak. A second teak sliding platform fitted on the ceiling of the garage may also be lowered to the level of the door to cover a large part of the garage, thereby further extending the beach area by an additional 6 meters, reaching a total area of almost 15 sq. m.

Access to the cockpit from the bathing platform is guaranteed by a double staircase carved into the stern, with an additional electro-hydraulic gangway port side. This area features a wide and original multi-function sunbathing area including three pads with adjustable backrest that allow it to be used in five different ways:
- in the ‘walk around’ mode the aft pad is reclined onto the central one, creating a passage between the sofa and the garage hatch;
- if it is moved towards the bow, the backrest can be used to dine at the cockpit table;
- in the chaise longue mode facing the bow, it becomes a headrest against the upper part of the hatch;
- when the backrest is lowered down completely at the extreme bow, it further enlarges the sunbathing area;
- finally, when the forward pad is completely reclined, the entire area is converted into a large sun pad overlooking the sea.
This system, which has been installed for the first time ever on this model, will also be installed on future Ferretti Custom Line maxi yachts.
From the starboard side of the cockpit the upper deck can be accessed, while port side a door opens onto the stairs leading to the engine and system rooms. This convenient independent access, which is typical on mega yachts and particularly appreciated by captains and crews in general, leads into a system room which is separate from the engine room.

Continuing towards the bow along the outer walkways, another relevant innovation can be noticed: the gunwale is now approximately 40 cm higher, a solution that adds personality to the bow profile, making the entire yacht lines look considerably lighter and increasing onboard safety. Approximately halfway through the port side walkway an additional storage cabinet, extremely convenient for the crew, has been obtained in the deckhouse.
The area at the extreme bow - a true ‘hideaway’ for onboard guests - is fitted with a dinette with a C-shaped sofa, a teak wood table, and a sun pad at the extreme bow extending throughout the entire elevated fore triangle. A second sun pad is located on the deckhouse and can be accessed from the upper deck walkways.

Access to the interiors of the main deck is gained through a large sliding glazed door which leads into a wide, skilfully arranged open space characterized by the light shade of bleached oak, which on this first Navetta 28 has been combined with natural oak - contrasting colours that are further complemented by numerous light polished lacquered inserts in all interiors areas. Besides enjoying strikingly large indoor volumes - a feature shared by all Ferretti Custom Line models – the owner has also the chance of customising the yacht interiors by modifying the onboard soft décor with the help of the Group's architects and designers, so as to make his yacht truly unique. On this first hull, the carpet floors have been replaced by bleached oak floors. To starboard, upon request, a bar area with two seats can be arranged, fitted with a sink, an icemaker and a bottle-rack/refrigerator - an optional solution aimed at letting the cockpit and the salon 'interact' even more with one another.

Walking further, a central U-shaped sofa can be found, facing a low cabinet and an armchair. The concealing TV screen, available in sizes from 46 to 55 inches, has been installed in the ceiling. The salon, like all the other interior areas, is lit up by LED built-in lights in lacquered wood planks. But on this first hull LED light strips have been fitted along the entire salon length. To the left, a front wall with horizontal slats separates the living area from the central lobby, from which a staircase leads both to the guest cabins and to the upper deck. Interior fittings are completed by a full-height storage cabinet for glassware. Starboard, the galley can be accessed, equipped with all necessary household appliances and a large side-by-side refrigerator, as well as a dinette area. Entrance to the galley can also be gained from the starboard outer walkway and from the crew cabins below deck.

Continuing towards the bow, a sliding door leads into a second lobby, where the day head is also located, while a second shutter door gives access to the master stateroom, including, on the left, a wide walk-in wardrobe/dressing room closed by sliding doors and the double cabin fitted with low-rise furniture along both walls, leaving an open view on the sea. To starboard stand a writing desk and a glass vanity set. LED-lit shelves on both sides of the bed contribute to creating a special, very cosy atmosphere in the entire room. The owner’s head is on the right-hand side, aft of the cabin: it is furnished with lacquered walls, a marble top and twin ceramic washbasins. The washbasins may also be in marble, or be replaced by one single washbasin, in marble too. The shower, fitted with a dish in the same material as the washbasin top, has lacquered walls that, upon request, can be replaced by a mosaic.

Going down the stairs from the main deck, a central lobby with a mirroring wall and a wide storage cabinet is reached, leading to the four guest cabins, three of which are double cabins and one is fitted with twin beds; all have ensuite heads and separate showers. The two VIP cabins, located aft, may be furnished with separable beds, while a third collapsible bed can be added in the twin guest cabin, to starboard. All cabins are fitted with top-of the-range furniture and furnishings for a maxi yacht of this size: indeed, every cabin, flooded with light thanks to the new windows that offer a magnificent panoramic view, features a lacquered totem in front of the bed, a LED tv, and low shelves on the wall facing the bed. A writing desk area with a vanity set and a pouf, as well as a mirroring wall, can be fitted in the two VIP cabins upon request.

The lighting system of the cabins is elegant and functional at the same time: in addition to the LED spotlights on the ceiling, which can be replaced upon request with LED light strips along the entire length of the cabin, the shelves beside the beds are backlit and create a very homey atmosphere. A pair of reading lights can also be added, in addition to a third one for the writing desk area.

The guest heads in the VIP cabins feature wall-mounted sanitary ware and a shower towards the centre of the boat, separated by a glazed wall. The décor harmonises with that of the master cabin head, with lacquered walls and marble shower dish and washbasin top. The washbasins are in white ceramic or, upon request, in marble.

In the crew area, located forward, a new ensuite independent captain cabin has been added to the two sailor cabins with wall-mounted twin beds and the related heads.

The panoramic upper deck is dominated by the circular glazed sliding door system embracing the dining area and connecting the interiors to the outdoor areas in an even more effective and flexible way. This deck can be accessed in two different ways: either via a teak-lined staircase leading from the main cockpit to the outer panoramic lounge area, fitted with free standing sofas and a coffee table, or via the inside stairs coming from the lobby on the main deck.

The outdoor spaces are amazingly wide, also thanks to the removal of the davit, which can in any case be installed at any time on a special support if a second tender or a water toy has to be placed on the flybridge. A concealing TV screen can be fitted in the outer ceiling and, thanks to its 180° rotation system, be watched from both the outside area and the indoor dining area. The latter is furnished with an extendible glass table and is surrounded by a circular glazing which guarantees a wide, approximately 230° view and consists of four elements: two fixed ones forward and two mobile ones aft, which can be opened up to 120°. The interior panoramic lounge features an L-shaped sofa, a low cabinet with a refrigerator, and a second 32” TV screen. The forward wall with a sliding door separates this area from the helm station, which - as is the case on this first hull - can be equipped with new, last-generation Simrad multi touch displays. The helm station can also be accessed from the outer walkways, where two outdoor steering stations are located, for docking manoeuvres. From the outer walkway, which continues past the helm station, it is also possible to reach the sun pad located on the deckhouse.

The sun deck of the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 can boast very spacious areas and truly impressive features. It is characterised by a central cabinet with a grill, a sink, and - upon request - an icemaker and a refrigerator. Above it stands the mast, featuring all electronic navigation systems. At the stern the sun deck can be furnished with several chaise longues, while a large sun pad and an armchair facing the cruising direction can be found at the bow. Upon request the sun pad may be replaced by a Jacuzzi with automatic temperature control system.

In addition to the Dual Mode Transom (DMT) system, the new maxi yacht features other cutting-edge solutions, in terms of both construction processes and onboard technological equipment.
The hull has been built by infusion - a technique that requires the utmost care and outstanding production skills. The result is a more effective weight management and a higher lamination quality, in terms of both thickness and resin/glass impregnation ratio, the final outcome being a truly outstanding product. Furthermore, the hull and the deck lining is in materials resisting to very high temperatures, which allow to maintain world-quality standards over time, even if the hull is painted and even in case of prolonged exposure to the sun.

In order to achieve the best possible noiselessness, thereby guaranteeing all guests the utmost privacy and maximum comfort, new soundproofing, sound-absorbing, and anti-vibration materials and agents have been used on the Navetta 28. Special care has also been devoted to the soundproofing between the engine room - where all systems running at night time have been installed at the extreme stern - and the VIP cabins, which are also separated from the engine room by the full-height vertical fuel tank. Bulkheads consisting of several layers and different soundproofing materials have been added between the walls of the different areas, as well as between the floors and the ceilings, both below deck and on the main deck, so as to ensure the utmost comfort, also in terms of privacy, in the owner’s, guest, and crew areas.

Comfort is also fully guaranteed by the electro-hydraulic stabilising fins with ‘underway’ and ‘zero-speed’ functions, which come standard on this yacht. A pair of gyroscopic stabilisers can also be installed upon request - as is the case on the first hull -, guaranteeing even more comfort when the boat is at anchor.

The standard audio/video equipment installed on the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 is truly impressive. This amazing system, called ‘VOTIS’ (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System), has been developed by the engineers of AYT&D and Videoworks, one of the most important technical partners of the Group, and allows to control through an iPad the whole entertainment system installed in the main deck salon, thereby replacing all the remote controls of the various onboard appliances with one single device.

Upon request, the control system can be extended to the other areas of the yacht, and can also be integrated with other owner’s personal devices. Additional optional functions may also be installed after the yacht has been built, allowing to verify the yacht's correct operation, display on all devices and in each cabin the pictures recorded by the CCTV and the crew coordination system, as well as communicate between the yacht and the shipyard. This system also makes it possible to use the digital libraries stored on a central server, lower and lift the concealing TV set in the ceiling of the main salon, and surf the Internet. Last, but not least, thanks to the AirPlay technology and a wi-fi connection, audio/video contents can be shared in streaming in the different areas of the yacht.

This full technological set takes the onboard infotainment equipment to unprecedented levels: depending on one’s preferences, it is possible to listen to music while someone else is watching videos and movies, in a completely independent way, or share the same contents in several different areas of the yacht, even throughout the boat, thanks to the Party mode.
More specifically, the Navetta 28 is fitted with Samsung LED TV sets of different sizes in the indoor areas, Apple TV and configuration for satellite video connection, as well as CD, DVD and BluRay players, HDMI socket, hi-fi surround, mediaserver and Airplay. In particular, in addition to the concealing TV screen and the iPad for managing the infotainment system, the main salon features a powerful audio system with as many as five amplifiers and a subwoofer. The master stateroom is amplified through a sound bar under the TV screen and a subwoofer.

Both the main deck and the upper deck are equipped with the AirPlay technology and the Party mode, and can be connected to or isolated from all the outdoor areas. The same solutions can be found on the sun deck, an enchanting ‘terrace’ which can be the very heart of onboard life or become an exclusive 'safe haven' where one can relax, far from the rest of the world, listening to one’s favourite music and enjoying open air and the sea.

This new maxi yacht also stands out for its amazing performances, as proven by a few, but extremely significant data: the yacht is fitted with two MAN V8 1,200 mhp engines that allow it to reach a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 13.5 knots, with a 400 and 650 nautical miles range, respectively. And the range that the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 28 can ensure at the economic cruising speed of 10 knots is extraordinary too, reaching 1,250 nautical miles (preliminary data).

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