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News et événements 2016

Navetta 37, the flagship of the semi-displacement line

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

The new Custom Line yacht, packed with design and high-tech innovations,
is unveiled to the world at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 and at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

2016 is an important year for Custom Line. Indeed, Ferretti Group brand is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its cutting-edge nautical history that is unrivalled on the contemporary pleasure craft scene. This celebration coincides with the launch of the Navetta 37, the new semi-displacement flagship and the largest ever built by Custom Line, making its international début at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2016 and at Monaco Yacht Show 2016.

This new super yacht conveys the values of seaworthiness, comfort, safety and customisation - all part of Custom Line's DNA - into a revolutionary product in terms of style, design and space, placing at the top of its class.

The Navetta 37 is 37.04 metres (121.6 feet) long with a maximum beam of 8 metres (26.3 feet). It features a new semi-planing hull with a bulbous bow that ensures the utmost efficiency in any sea conditions, while offering the option of 5 engine configurations.

The Navetta 37 impresses with its clean lines, well-balanced spaces and meticulous attention to every detail, which makes it an incredibly innovative yacht with a timeless style.

Created from the collaboration between the Strategic Product Committee, which the Ferretti Group is proud to include Mr Piero Ferrari, the Engineering Department and the Zuccon International Project Studio, this yacht features harmonious contours and stylistic features unseen before. Its clean, streamlined, light design also conveys great stability and strength.

The front of the hull rises up to the first superstructure level. This adds a sense of power and character to the bow, giving this super yacht an imposing presence on the water too.

The large control room with built-in bridge covers the bow area on the upper deck: it is equipped with five monitors, including two multi-touch screens, which let you effortlessly control the main on-board systems. Two exits onto the walkways provide access to the external manoeuvring stations.

Just like all the latest Custom Line yachts, the Navetta 37 is equipped with the VOTIS infotainment system, which replaces all the remote controls for the various devices with a single unit and can be extended to the automation system in every area on the yacht. What's more, owners and guests can manage it with their smartphones or tablets.

This new super yacht represents a major step forward in terms of acoustic comfort. In addition to a special flexible joint in the transmission lines that absorbs vibrations from the axis line, the Ferretti Group engineers have worked with specialists to design innovative solutions minimising the impact of sound through targeted mathematical analysis conducted for each source of noise and its on-board location.

For example, damping treatments have been carried throughout glued tiles, which significantly reduce noise and vibrations. The installation of a floating floor beneath the parquet layer also helps reduce the transmission of sound from the engine room to the living areas on the lower and upper decks, while softening footfall.

It is even quiet at anchor: The Navetta 37 is installed with a silencer system which acoustically insulates external areas, in particular the cockpit, against noise from the generators and gensets in the engine room.

The concept of comfort and safety is also an important goal when at anchor with the electro-hydraulic stabilising fins, featuring both underway and zero speed modes, which reduce rolling and are standard. Gyroscopic stabilisers can also be added upon request.

In addition to the underwater lights installed on the stern and bulwark, a very useful light has been fitted onto the bulbous bow, ensuring improved safety while navigating and manoeuvring at night.

This new semi-displacement flagship offers five different engine options from 8 up to 12 cylinders. The standard configuration offers a pair of MAN V12 1400 CR engines, with 1400 Mhp.
The other configuration options are:
- 2 MAN V12 1650 CR, with 1650 Mhp power;
- 2 Baudouin M26.3 P4, with 1650 Mhp power;
- 2 CAT C32 V12, with 1622 Mhp power;
- 2 CAT C32 V12, with 1825 Mhp power.

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