Forlì, 12th April 2012 - The Ferretti Group, one of the world leaders in the construction of motor yachts, with a unique portfolio of some of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world lands at the fifteenth edition of the Rio Boat Show, taking place in Brazil from 12th to 18th April 2012 in the new evocative location of Pier Mauà, inside the port of Rio de Janeiro, with seven of the most beautiful crafts by Ferretti Yachts and Pershing on display.

The Group, represented by Ferrettigroup Brasil, will take part in the show with one of the largest stands on display, and six models of the historic brand Ferretti Yachts: Ferretti 530, Ferretti 620, Ferretti 660, Ferretti 750, Ferretti 830 and the flagship Ferretti 881, showing the great variety of the range offered to the Brazilian market. The Pershing 64’, one of the most successful models of Pershing,completes this sampling of sea pearls.

This enchanting fleet confirms the leadership of Ferretti Group on the Brazilian market, due to its 20 years of activity in the country, characterized by the utmost quality. A role which further consolidated in June 2011, thanks to the official inauguration of the Ferrettigroup Brasil plant, close to São Paulo, with more than 600 employees and a production capability up to 120 yachts - measuring up to 83 foot - per year.

Furthermore, the Ferretti Group, is strongly committed in increasing its presence all over Latin America, in the key markets of Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, and Dominican Republic. At the same time, the Group is developing a strong marketing action aiming at setting new commercial relationships in other countries where the interest towards luxury yachts in rapidly growing, such as Peru, Uruguay, and Argentina.

“The Rio Boat Show has been the most important nautical event for Latin America for years and Brazil is our reference market in this area. This is way we are so happy to be here, with an impressive fleet on display, seven of our most representative crafts” - declared Lamberto Tacoli, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of the Ferretti Group. “Today Brazil is not only one of the leading economies at the world level, but also a country featuring a great nautical culture, with owners having a Mediterranean-like taste, who are increasingly showing their appreciation for our products. We are very confident about the project we started with Marcio Latorre Christiansen, we think that it will strengthen our leadership on the Brazilian market, further improving our sales performance”.

“This is the most important boat show of the year for Ferrettigroup Brasil. We are particularly proud of having seven crafts on display, the result of the work carried out along the years” further commented Marcio Latorre Christiansen, the head of Ferrettigroup Brasil. “We want to grow further in the country, exploiting the positive economic trend characterizing today's Brazil, beside the growing interest for luxury goods of every day larger parts of the society. The consolidated presence of the Ferretti Group, with more the 20 years of activity in Brazil, makes us feel confident in our further and constant development in the near future”.