News et événements 2009

Ferretti 112' next finalist at the World Superyacht Awards

lundi 9 mars 2009

Ferretti Custom Line 112' NEXT has been selected as finalist at the World Superyacht Awards, the lnternational basis event organized by Boat lnternational Media, the superyacht industry's leading global media group .

The fourth edition of World Superyacht Awards - that will take place in London next May in the magnificent vaulted Great Hall of Guildhall - is a very prestigious appointment representing the "Oscars" of the superyacht world. The award is designed to recognise the talent of naval architects, designers, shipbuilders and to evaluate also the vision of the owners who bring together the team of professionals that work to create these master pieces of design and manufacture.

Ferretti Custom Line 112' NEXT has been chosen by a selected group of Editors of Boat lnternational Media, who included the maxi yacht in the shortlist of the category "Best Semi- Displacement Motor Yacht in the 100 to 130 feet size range". ln particular, 112' NEXT, result of cooperation between Studio Zuccon lnternational Project and AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology - featuring elegant lines displays the ability to ensure high cruising pleasure, with exterior and interior wide spaces, reflecting advanced building standards.

The nomination of 112' NEXT as finalist at this important award means for Ferretti Custom Line the confirmation of the increasing success of its boats and a reward from the international media to the excellence of the shipyard, AYT and Studio Zuccon lnternational Project