Ancona, 17th November 2012 – In a private ceremony, this morning at Ancona, CRN Shipyard - a Ferretti Group brand specialized in the construction and marketing of fully customized steel and aluminium displacement megayachts, ranging from 44 to 90 metres, and a displacement line made of composite (43 metres long CRN Navetta 43) - launched the CRN 125 “J’Ade”, a 60 metre steel and aluminium megayacht. The launching was held in the private yacht marina and attended by the Owner, the management, more than 300 workers and CRN and Ferretti Group staff, who celebrated the realization of their seventh 60 metre yacht manufactured since 2005, a particularly significant result considering the high market segment in which this product is positioned. The installation of the yacht interiors will be completed in the upcoming months and it will be delivered to the Owner in spring 2013. Lamberto Tacoli, CRN Shipyard Chairman and CEO., gave a speech at the ceremony, declaring:“It is definitely a very important step, just like all the other launches, in which we pride ourselves on the great work carried out and the pleasure of having a ‘product’ representing the company in the most beautiful seas and harbours around the world. My thanks today go to CRN’s skilled workers and team who have made it possible to reach this new milestone, in which we take pride. However, CRN looks ahead and plans a way forward which offers great attention to the client, details and after-sales services”. “The Shipyard is in full swing and the next launch, that of an 80 metre, will be held in less than two months: all our efforts aim at maintaining CRN’s position in the elite world of shipbuilding”, concludes Tacoli. In fact, currently 7 yachts of the CRN brand are being manufactured at the Ancona Shipyard, namely, five steel and aluminium yachts - CRN 129 80 m, CRN 131 74 m (both designed by Zuccon International Project), CRN 132 73 m (designed by Omega Architects), CRN 133 60 m (designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design), CRN 134 55m (designed by Nuvolari & Lenard) – and two 43m CRN Navetta 43 made of composite, also designed by Zuccon International Project. Specifically, the 80 metre, which will be launched in January 2013, is the biggest megayacht ever manufactured by CRN, besides being one of the biggest ever manufactures in Italy. Moreover, in 2013 CRN will celebrate its 50th anniversary, a historic moment that shows the soundness of the company, even though it is embedded in a complex market which has also seen many long-standing brands disappear. MEGAYACHT CRN 125 60 metres “J’Ade" Hull number 125 of the Shipyard, made of steel and aluminium, has an overall length of 58.2 metres and a maximum beam of 10.2 metres. Thanks to its four decks and a sub deck, the megayacht can comfortably host ten people – distributed in four guest cabins and a master suite – and thirteen crew members. It is a product with a strong identity, given its spatial and structural solutions and an external design that gives it a united shape, making the yacht immediately recognizable. This aspect characterized the stylistic and functional research carried out when the external shape and the internal layout were being designed by Studio Zuccon International Project, in close collaboration with CRN Technical Office which took care of the naval project. The interior design was taken care of by Studio Zuccon and CRN Centro Stile, who interpreted the Owner’s request paying attention to the smallest details. Among the distinctive features of CRN 125, common to all other CRN megayachts, are the technological innovations and the open areas that create a new way of experiencing the sea, such as the balcony in the master suite and the beach club: the stern hatch that turns into a large beach platform by the sea. On board “J’Ade” there are some unique elements that single it out of the other yachts which have been manufactured by the Shipyard so far. For example, the almost full height windows of the upper salon, providing a wide panoramic view, enhancing “contact” with the sea, and – for the first time onboard a CRN yacht - the floodable garage on the lower deck where a tender (an 8 metre Riva Iseo) can be stored without using a tenderlift/davits. This is an innovative solution from an engineering point of view, specifically studied by the Shipyard, giving the yacht added value and a touch of exclusivity: a “gem” for luxury boating. The yacht has two MTU 12 V 4000 M 63 1500 kW @1800 rpm engines, allowing it to reach a top speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots.