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The Navetta 37, the new flagship in the semi-displacement line, is unveiled

19 марта 2015 г.

This is the beginning of a new course towards the future.
A future that is already present and is pervaded by the emotions that Custom Line has let its Owners experience for the last twenty years.
Now, the strongest emotion of all is about to come with the Navetta 37, the new flagship of the semi-displacement line, and the largest Navetta ever built by Custom Line.
This is the gift that Ferretti Group’s prestigious brand is preparing for worldwide enthusiasts for 2016: an event that will make Custom Line’s celebrations for its 20th anniversary even more memorable.

The new maxi yacht, which was presented as a world première during the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach and that will make its debut in Summer 2016, is the outcome of an in-depth, painstaking design process that has involved the Group's engineers, architects and designers.
The final objective, which the team has undoubtedly achieved, was to enshrine values like seaworthiness, comfort, safety and customisation - which have always been part of Custom Line’s DNA - into a product meant to be revolutionary in terms of style, design, and spaciousness, and capable of ensuring an outstanding cruising range in its category.

The Navetta 37 is 37.04 metres (121,6 ft.) long and has a beam of 8 metres (26,3 ft.). It can boast a brand-new hull with a bulbous bow. The project for the hull, whose maximum draught will not exceed 7 feet (2.10 metres), aims to ensure the utmost efficiency in any and all sea conditions, and allows the Owner to choose from among as many as four engine configurations, so as to meet the different needs of the brand's clientele.

“Excellence in the widest and highest sense of this term: this is the word that best represents the new Navetta 37, which is the heir of so many generations of successful yachts under Custom Line’s brand, but also a vessel boasting state-of-the art technology and design - explains Ferretti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer Stefano De Vivo. Announcing it as a world première in Miami was a strategic move, as the American yachting’s 'capital city' is a reference hub for some the brand’s historically and best-performing markets”.

“Go Anywhere”: this has been the philosophy of all Custom Line Navetta yachts over the last twenty years. These crafts are indeed conceived for long-range cruising and to make sure that Owners and guests enjoy every single moment on board these outstanding examples of naval engineering.

The Navetta 37 strikes the eye with its sober lines, harmoniously balanced volumes, and the great care devoted to every single detail - all features that make it innovative while endowing it with timeless elegance and style.

This new maxi yacht is the outcome of the close cooperation between Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee - which can boast Mr Piero Ferrari as one its members -, the Research and Development department, and Studio Zuccon International Project.
Its soft, elegant lines stem from the will to exploit to the fullest the plasticity of materials, so as to create new distinctive lines and features.
This overall consistency can be noticed, for instance, in the large glazed surfaces found on the various decks and in the hull, whose flawless stylistic continuity contributes to Navetta 37’s aesthetic and conceptual harmony.

The yacht's clean and essential lines and overall light design also convey a sense of strength and sturdiness. The new design of the front part of the hull, in particular, is truly impressive: the bow rises up to the first superstructure level and, with its powerful appearance and strong personality, makes the maxi yacht look really imposing when at sea. It also results in even more spacious interiors, as is the case of the stunning wide-body master stateroom, located on the main deck.

The Navetta 37 impresses its guests starting from the stern, where the innovations introduced by the brand in its latest models - the Navetta 28 and the Custom Line 108’ - have evolved into even wider areas devoted to relaxation. The patented Dual Mode Transom (DMT) system, which allows to move the garage door upwards and downwards, thereby making technical operations easier and creating an outdoor beach area, has now been joined by an additional indoor lounge that would not be surprising to find on a mega yacht, brightened by the large hull glazing.
The garage for the tender (which can be over 5.5 metres long) can be partly covered by a concealing floor, which further extends the indoor beach area.

The largely-appreciated interior layout of Custom Line yachts makes the best possible use of the large space available on the Navetta 37, ensuring a new, more efficient organization of onboard flows, total privacy for the Owner and his guests, and great freedom of movement for the captain and the crew.

Décor solutions are fully customisable across the entire vessel. Indeed, just like every Custom Line yacht, the Navetta 37 is like a white canvas sailing the seas, which the Owner can paint to his own taste, supported by Ferretti Group’s Centro Stile architects and designers.

The main deck features a large cockpit, entirely devoted to relaxation.
The indoor salon includes a living area and a dining area, to the right-hand side of which the floor-to-ceiling glazing opens onto the starboard walkway. Upon request, the same solution can also be applied to portside.
In the central part of the deck are the lobby with the day toilet and the staircase leading to the upper deck or down to the guest cabins, while along the left bulwark is a passage area, fitted with a food lift serving the upper deck, where dishes can be prepared and other activities carried out.
Walking further towards the bow, access can be gained to the galley, and, from there, to the pilot station and the crew quarters.
The fore part of the deck has been entirely reserved for the Owner, who has available a wide-body suite boasting the size and comfort of those normally found on a mega yacht.
The office area leads to the double cabin. Left of the bed, a door opens into the walk-in wardrobe, while the bathroom, with two entrances, is located at the extreme bow: Custom Line designers have conceived it to the Owner’s requirements, i.e. with separate toilet, two washbasins, a central shower box, and the bathtub on the left-hand side.

The four guest cabins, which benefit from plenty of natural light thanks to the new and even-wider hull glazed surfaces, are real suites by the water. The two aft cabins and the fore one to portside feature exactly the same layout and furniture - double cabin, office/vanity area, ensuite bathroom and walk-in wardrobe -, while the fore, starboard cabin has two twin beds and ensuite bathroom.
The crew quarters, located forward, include a large dinette, a laundry and several storerooms, as well as three ensuite cabins with bunks for the sailors and hostesses, sleeping a total of six.

The upper deck, comparable in size to the main deck, features impressively spacious areas for the guests and great comfort for the captain too, who has available a private cabin with separate bathroom connected to the pilot station. The guests can access this deck from both the cockpit and the internal lobby, located amidships.
The panoramic cockpit is a fully-customisable large aft lounge beyond which, towards the bow, is the table, allowing to enjoy dining in the open air.
The internal salon offers a magnificent view on the sea, also thanks to several opening windows on both sides.
The fore area hosts the captain's cabin and the large pilot station, which enjoys a wide view and can be accessed from both external walkways, where the two additional pilot stations can also be found. The innovative fully-integrated pilot station includes six multi-touch monitors, from which the captain can easily control all the main onboard systems, including navigation, monitoring, engines, and wheels.

The Owner and guests can also benefit from an exclusive passageway connecting the panoramic lobby to the fore panoramic area, which features an exclusive private lounge that can be fitted with curtains and partitions to ensure the utmost privacy. The private lounge is furnished with a large sofa, two coffee tables and a wide sunbathing area hiding a garage for the second tender or the jet-ski. Upon request the garage can be replaced by a magnificent Jacuzzi with sunpads on the sides.

On the Navetta 37 the sundeck is a private deck to be entirely used for relaxation, also thanks to the aerodynamic hard top supported by a central stanchion, which perfectly shelters the entire lounge area while preserving the yacht’s streamlined, elegant profile.
The aft area, which can be furnished with free-standing furniture, leads to the central section, fitted with a grill, a refrigerator, and an ice-maker.
After the central sofa with table are the access area to the Jacuzzi and the large fore sunpads. The hard top is supported by two imposing columns.
As an alternative, the hard top can be supported laterally by a roll bar - a solution that further increases the useful area in the central part of the deck.

The Navetta 37 comes standard with the VOTIS (Videoworks One Touch Infotainment System) infotainment and management system, which replaces all the remote controls of the various onboard devices with one single system, and can be expanded and integrated with the home automation system in all rooms and areas. It can also be managed from the Owner's and his guests' smartphone and tablets.

Moreover, the new maxi yacht takes one step forward also in terms of soundproofing. Indeed, besides installing in the drive system a special elastic joint that absorbs the shaft drive vibrations, Ferretti Group’s engineers, supported by specialised consultants, have also developed innovative solutions to minimise noise through targeted mathematical analyses performed on each and every source of noise, also in relation to its location on the boat. The final goal was to identify the best possible materials/process combination during the construction of the boat and the installation of the various systems, thereby achieving the best possible comfort that is to be expected from such a world-class yacht.

The ‘maximum comfort’ concept is also pursued when the boat is at anchor, thanks to the electrical-hydraulic stabilising fins featuring the underway and zero speed modes, which reduce rolling and are installed standard on this yacht. Gyroscopic stabilisers can also be added upon request.

As for the engines, Custom Line's new semi-displacement flagship comes in as many as four different configurations, ranging from 8 to 12 cylinders. These different options offer an incredibly wide choice of engines, depending on the way the Owner enjoys life at sea. In the standard version the Navetta 37 is equipped with two MTU 8V 2000 M94, 1268 Mhp engines. The three alternative optional configurations are the following:

- 2 Baudouin M26.3 1,650 Mhp engines;
- 2 MTU 10V 2000 M94, 1,623 Mhp engines;
- 2 MTU 12V 2000 M94, 1,948 Mhp engines.

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