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Festival International de la Plaisance 2012

11 сентября 2012 г.


- At the 35th edition of the Festival International de la Plaisance, the Group presented its novelties: Ferretti 870, Ferretti 690, Pershing 82’, Riva 63’ Virtus and Mochi Craft Dolphin 64 Cruiser
- The traditional Ferretti Group Meeting provided the opportunity to give the first report on the nautical year, which involved the expansion of the Group on international and emerging markets as well as the continuation of constant product innovation
- The renewed corporate structure, after the capital inflow of the Weichai Group, RBS and SVP, was presented together with the Group’s objectives for the coming months.

Cannes, 10 September 2012– The Ferretti Group, among the world leaders in designing, building and marketing motoryachts, with a unique portfolio of some of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in the nautical world, inaugurated the new nautical year as a protagonist, exhibiting, at the 35th edition of the Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes, a substantial fleet consisting of 24 boats, 5 of which in world premiere: Ferretti 870, Ferretti 690, Pershing 82’, Riva 63’, Virtus and Mochi Craft Dolphin 64 Cruiser.

In addition, the traditional Ferretti Group Meeting was held once again this year, at the Cannes Boat Show. This is the tenth edition, during which, in front of a large audience of employees, dealers, clients, suppliers and the media, the Founder and Honorary Chairman, Norberto Ferretti, the new President, Tan Xuguang, and the new CEO, Ferruccio Rossi, gave the first report on the nautical year and introduced the renewed corporate structure formed after the capital inflow in the Ferretti Group of Weichai, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Strategic Value Partners, as well as the Group’s objectives for the coming months.

In fact, thanks to important synergies, the sharing of resources and the new strategic partnership with Weichai, the Ferretti Group is aiming at reducing the costs and strengthening the marketing channel and the after-sales services, as well as focusing on a strategy to further expand on international and emerging markets, specifically the Asia Pacific region, a strategic area for the future growth of nautical business, where sales have increased by 30%. In addition, having found patrimonial and financial standing, the Ferretti Group will continue to support its plans to develop in Latin America, as well as on the traditional European and United States markets, on which the Group has steadily maintained its position, and where the results achieved allow it to look ahead, confident that it will maintain its leadership, especially as regards the North American area.

Throughout the nautical year, the Ferretti Group focused on the Asia Pacific Area, by participating in the main boat shows and nautical and luxury events in Thailand, China – in Hainan, Shanghai and Qingdao – in Singapore, in South Korea and Japan, as well as Australia and India.

Moreover, the Ferretti Group keeps registering good performance in Brasil, where it has been present for over 20 years, taking pride in its leading position in the Country, and where the Ferrettigroup Brasil was official inaugurated over a year ago. On the other hand, as regards the remaining part of Latin America, the Group is carrying out a series of marketing activities with the objective of further developing the key markets such as Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, as well as establishing new relations with other key areas where interest in luxury yachts is strongly increasing, namely Perù, Uruguay and Argentina.

Finally, as regards North America, the first market on an international scale for the nautical sector, the Ferretti Group has continued to further reinforce its presence and to expand its distributive network. In fact, to confirm this strategy, last May, the Group started moving the Bertram Yacht productive plants from the historical premises in Miami to the modern and strategic marina on Merritt Island, in Florida, USA. The new manufacturing plants will be in an area of almost 14,000 square metres and will be absolutely in the forefront with the objective of further innovating the Bertram boat range.

In addition, while sticking to its own strategy of constantly renewing the product, this year, at Cannes, the Group will present 5 models in world premiere
Ferretti 870 and. Ferretti 690 from the Ferretti Yachts brand;
Pershing 82’ from the Pershing brand;
Riva 63’ Virtus from the Riva brand;
Dolphin 64’ Cruiser from the Mochi Craft brand.

At the Festival de la Plaisance various other models will be exhibited, amongst which: Ferretti 720, Pershing 108’ and Pershing 74’; Iseo, the elegant 27 inch of Riva, a brand which celebrated its 170th anniversary from its establishment in 2012; Ferretti Custom Line 100’ and Navetta 33 Crescendo, from the semi-displacement range; Itama 45’, Itama 62’ and the flagship Itama 75’; as well as the M/Y Navetta 43 Sofico of CRN .

“I am very pleased that this occasion gave us the opportunity to illustrate the strategic objectives of our collaboration as well as to introduce the new corporate structure in the best possible manner”, commented Tan Xuguang, President of the Weichai Group and President of the Ferretti Group. “The Ferretti Group is our ideal partner since its portfolio of prestigious international brands, its forefront technology and its capillary marketing network, we will be able to develop, in the coming years, a diffused “sea culture” also in the Asia Pacific Area, capable of becoming a new nautical sector. Thanks to the exceptional skills of Norberto Ferretti, of Ferruccio Rossi, and all the Top Management, experts in this sector, we are sure that we will increase the synergies of our Group, through the sharing resources and industrial integration, which will allow us to further consolidate our international leading position on the nautical and luxury market of the Ferretti Group”.

“This year the Cannes Boat Show has an even greater significance for us since it has allowed us to introduce the “new” Ferretti Group to our stakeholders, in the light of the operation that took place with the Weichai Group. I strongly believe in the great importance of this strategic partnership that, despite of the situation that our Country is currently facing, has allowed us to safeguard more than 2,000 employees and the connected activities and services which are fundamental to the Italian economy, namely, that of boating. In fact, thanks to the existing synergy with Weichai and the recovery of patrimonial solidity, our Group will be able to maintain its leadership on the markets where it is already present and to further strengthen the emerging ones” – said Ferruccio Rossi, CEO of the Ferretti Group. “My objective is that of continuing the process that we embarked on in these years, carrying out our future plans which we can face with confidence and determination thanks to the new corporate structure, and I believe that this year, being present here with a fleet of 24 boats, 5 of which in world premiere, is undoubtedly a concrete indication of how to embark on this new challenge”.


The Ferretti 870 features some innovative design solutions already found on the Ferretti 800. This new project is characterised by the bronze top above the helm station and by large windows both on the main deck and in the hull. The hull in particular features not only two large open view windows at the master cabin’s level, but also large opening portholes in the guest cabins and two windows in the fore VIP cabin, resulting in extraordinary indoor brightness and offering wonderful views. The yacht’s outer look is characterised by outstanding lightness, elegance and aggressiveness, also thanks to the three “shark branchiae” windows separating the saloon’s glazing from the helm station’s one. The Ferretti 870 is characterised by refined walnut stained natural oak wood, which can also be found in the furniture’s doors and drawers featuring lacquered tops and frames. On the main deck, the living area, the dining area, the galley and the helm station have been effectively separated from one another: the latter two are located at bow, completely divided from the rest of the boat. The central part of the deck has been redesigned by introducing some brilliant solutions that optimise the interior layout, ensuring improved liveability and increased comfort and privacy for guests. On the lower deck the new project makes the best of this vessel’s increased volumes, mainly to the benefit of the interior layout.

The Ferretti 690 is a further step forward of the Ferretti Yachts fleet, characterized by the new design of outer lines, which are now sportier, with a sleeker and more dynamic profile. The wider glazing makes exteriors lighter and provides an amazing quantity of natural light to interior spaces. The interiors of the Ferretti 690, 21,07 metres long and 5,53 metres wide, are spacious and wisely organised, in order to exploit living areas at their best in both layouts. Volumes are notably enlarged by the natural light coming in from the wide windows.
The main deck features a rational distribution of spaces. Its elegant lines make it incredibly wider compared to the previous Ferretti 660. A vertically sliding glass partition allows separating this area from the rest of the saloon or leaving it open, turning the main deck into a large open space. The dining area and the sofa are located in the central part of the deck, enjoying wider spaces and featuring the utmost comfort for the guests. The flybridge has been renewed and bears witness to Ferretti’s great care for indoor and outdoor layout optimisation. Only the bar unit located near the access staircase has been maintained from previous models; everything else has been entirely redesigned so as to ensure all guests the utmost comfort.

Class and sporting spirit come together to enhance the pleasure of yachting: Pershing 82’, the new Pershing project designed by Fulvio De Simoni in collaboration with AYT – Advanced Yacht Technology and the Centro Stile Ferrettigroup, is 24.97 metres long and 5.50 wide and it offers excellent performances reaching a top speed of 45 knots with a range of 300 nautical miles, thanks to two powerful coupled MTU 16 V M93 of 2435 mhp (1792 kW) with Searex SR140S surface drive with Rolla surface propellers.
Two the distinctive features of this boat: the sun-deck with a retractable platform, that makes it look extremely slender and also allows guests to enjoy unparalleled heights, and the carbon steel staircase, which drops automatically into the cockpit by electro-hydraulic control and automatically disappears upwards when closed.
Liveability that has become contemporary luxury lifestyle in both the standard layout (4 cabins) and optional version (3 cabins and a lounge-cinema room).

Class, refinement and elegance are the most important elements of the new 63’ Virtus, the largest open yacht, which is the product of the close working relationship between Officina Italian Design, AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology and the Centro Stile Ferrettigroup. It is at the cutting-edge for her on-board technological equipment. Featuring twin 1360mhp MAN 12V engines, the new 63’ Virtus delivers an excellent performance, with a top speed of 40.5 knots and a cruise speed of 35 thanks to the tested hull equipped with direct shaft line tunnel propulsion. The exteriors and interior fittings have been studied in order to attain the very best availability in terms of space and on-board comfort. The master cabin has been enriched with a bed with a leather stitching finish. The slightly lower position of the cabin makes it possible to use all the space available. The new boat is characterized by an unmistakeable style and a distinctly Mediterranean character.

The Mochi Craft Dolphin 64’ Cruiser, evolution from the previous Dolphin 64’, has been conceived following the standard of elegance and comfort. The hull continues to offer the same excellent performance, the external lines have been developed, more natural light enters from the increased window area, interior spaces have been increased and the flybridge extended. The main deck consists of the saloon and the dining area, separate galley with exterior access and main helm. Lower deck accommodation is very comfortable and spacious for all the cabins, from the master cabin to the crew accommodation. The 64’ Cruiser has a tender garage with a fold down door, which forms a large bathing platform. This new vessel is ideal for long cruising in the open sea. Its large windows allow a wide view and the natural light increases volumes on board. Two features have to be noticed: the light, which has an important connotation even under the below deck, thank to the peculiar windows on the hull and the extended flybridge that covers the cockpit.

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