News et événements 2012


vendredi 20 avril 2012

Santa Margherita Ligure, 2nd April 2012 - Mochi Craft, an icon brand of the Ferretti Group and of Made-in-Italy yachts, is proposing a journey into taste and haute cuisine together with a famous Italian chef that shares the brand’s values and passion. Two special ambassadors of Italian excellence thus join together for a truly tasty experience: Simone Rugiati presents the onboard recipes (Ricette di Bordo) he has createdfor Mochi Craft, a refined and yet simple menu drawing inspiration from the brand’s style and the colours of the Mediterranean sea - ideal to cook and savour onboard a unique craft.

In 2003 Mochi Craft conceived the “Italian Style” lobster boat by reinterpreting the style of original lobster boats from New England in a contemporary way. The lively colours of the hull, the utmost care for every single detail, 100% Italian style and design, and a strong, distinctive personality are just a few of Mochi Craft yachts’ peculiar features.These unmistakable values of the Ferretti Group’s brand are now expressed in 7 recipes created by Simone Rugiati to be cooked and savoured in the relaxing atmosphere of summer cruises, to which they will add a unique taste and new, unforgettable emotions.

The journey starts with a Scampi tartare with candied red pepper and ginger, drawing inspiration from the foam of the waves in the glow of the sunset; it continues with a Tuna fish and avocado salad with yogurt and cucumber under a mint “breeze”, a fresh explosion of refinement and sophistication, and a colourful, sweetly fragrant Lime-flavoured salmon pie baked in tinfoil with courgettes in basil cream, followed by the recipe “Off course” - Seared Ligurian shrimps with rosemary and fake cocktail sauce, a wonder of incredible colour shades and sapid taste.

The first leg at sea is “Pitching”, sea-foam risotto, delicate but with a strong personality; a light, precious recipe that tastefully mixes seafood and toasted almonds.
Next comes a Sea-bass in a turban filled with muscle panzanella on grilled tomatoes, called “the Buoy" because of its shape.
While pleasantly cruising back to the marina, you can then taste a fresh, original, easy-to-make dessert: “”, the Pina Colada by the spoon, a fine coconut and pineapple cream.

Mochi Craft’s yachts - which this menu draws inspiration from - are the perfect setting to cook and taste these cuisine masterpieces: design, style, and functionality at the service of Simone Rugiati’s art. The protagonist of this original “alliance” is the Dolphin 74’ Cruiser, the flagship in the brand’s Dolphin range, designed by architect Brunello Acampora from Studio Victory Design in close cooperation with Norberto Ferretti, AYT - Advanced Yacht Technology, and Centro Stile Ferrettigroup.

The Dolphin 74’ Cruiser features a large kitchen located along the left broadside of the main bridge, connected with the outdoor areas and the salon but also completely separable from the rest of the boat: a very functional and yet extremely stylish area, thanks to the use of fine materials like teak and the skilful craftsmanship found in every detail, everywhere onboard. In this fully-equipped kitchen, flooded by the huge amount of light let through by the wide glazing, preparing quick, simple and yet mouth-watering recipes is really easy. And the spacious indoor and outdoor areas will turn this cooking experience into a real delight.

“I have found the same care for details I put into my recipes and dishes in the tiniest but outstanding details of Mochi Craft yachts - the result of painstaking, accurate research aiming to create boats that are not only pleasant to live in, but also very original”, commented Simone Rugiati. “The highly distinctive, bright colours of Mochi Craft hulls - which make these crafts really unmistakable - were highly inspiring for me as I wrote my ‘onboard recipes’”.

“We chose Simone Rugiati as the exceptional chef that would create for us exclusive recipes, capable of embodying all the peculiar features of our brand's Dolphin line lobster boats” -explained Alessandro Tirelli, Mochi Craft's Brand Manager. “His lively, innovative cuisine - mirrored by the equally lively and innovative style of our brand - perfectly represents the youngest, most dynamic spirit of Made-in-Italy production. And our flagship, the Dolphin 74' Cruiser - the true embodiment of the Mochi Craft philosophy - is the ideal location for this harmonious blend to take place”.

In this way, the colours of the chef’s dishes and the shades of Mochi Craft hulls mix with the hues of the sea, creating soft, flexuous lines - to admire and to taste at the same time. A menu drawing inspiration from the sea, nature, and the all-Italian concept of Mochi Craft - resulting in true enchantment.