Sirens from an enchanted world: the women in this exhibition tell the story of a long and unbroken love affair with one of the most popular names of Italian style in the world. If it is true that when Carlo Riva designed his motor yachts, he concentrated on ensuring that his customers could rely on the best technical features and safety standards possible, it is also true that women were seduced by the timeless lines of his runabouts, the luscious woods he used, the sparkling chrome details and dazzling colours including the famous Aquarama blue. These pictures portray this liaison, with snapshots of Hollywood stars, supermodels and socialites and also the normal women who worked behind the scenes to build the Riva dream. A dream fuelled by applause and success, but that never lost sight of Mr Riva’s philosophy: building dreams lasting more than a fleeting moment, which would last forever. A winning strategy that was preserved and has been perpetuated over the years, up to the present day.