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The Ferretti Yachts range under 80 feet will change its name at the beginning of the new nautical year

miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Forlì, 1st September 2010_ Ferretti Yachts, brand of the Ferretti Group, one of the leaders in the production of fibreglass flybridge yachts measuring 50 to 88 feet (15-27 metres), built with an uncovered upper deck and double pilot seat, both inside and out, is launching a new system for naming yachts measuring under 80 feet.
The change in the names of these yachts shall be applied officially as of 1st September 2010 to correspond with the beginning of the 2010 2011 nautical year.

The change consists in adapting to the most widely used system in the nautical industry, already applied by Ferretti Yachts for yachts with a hull length of over 24 metres Lh, which refers to the length of the yacht (LOA Length over all) and EN ISO 8666 (Lmax.), instead of the previous datum referring to construction length EN ISO 8666 (Lh Length of the hull).

Therefore, the change does not involve the Ferretti Yachts range measuring over 80 feet, for which the trade name already referred to the LOA.

As of 1st September 2010, the new names of the Ferretti Yachts range will be:

• Ferretti 500
• Ferretti 530
• Ferretti 570
• Ferretti 620
• Ferretti 660
• Ferretti 720 Project
• Ferretti 750
• Ferretti 800
• Ferretti 830
• Ferretti 881
• Ferretti 881 RPH
• Altura 840 for the line Altura aft cabin motoryachts.