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Rapid progress on the wallywind110 and wallyrocket51 ahead of summer launch.

miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2024

- wallywind110 performance cruiser due to launch in early June;
- Second hull already in build;
- Pre-preg carbon fibre lamination phase of the wallyrocket51 underway, ready for launch in early August;
- Six wallyrocket51 already in production;
- 2024 will be a milestone year for Wally’s sailing division.

Monaco – May 15, 2024 - Excitement is growing at Wally as work nears completion on two exceptional sailing boats, as different from each other as night and day. Both the wallywind110 and the wallyrocket51 will be delivered this summer, in time to draw admiring gazes wherever they appear across the Mediterranean.
A massive project, the wallywind110 has been progressing steadily since the Wally brand became part of the Ferretti Group in 2019. Work began in earnest in 2022 and now the audacious dream of an innovative new line of performance cruisers is about to become reality, as the first boat reaches the end of the outfitting phase.
Her all-carbon hull has been laminated on a female mould that ensures her lines require very little finishing and is painted in a luminous light metallic blue that changes slightly as the light hits her. All fittings and interiors are finished to Wally's high standards.
The next big hurdle to leap will be the 40km journey to the sea by truck. Although this is an operation that both the Wally team and the inhabitants of Forlì are familiar with, it will still require careful preparation to avoid overhanging tree branches and to remove road signs where necessary. Once unloaded in the Marina di Ravenna, the wallywind110 will receive her 6.95m telescopic keel, one-piece carbon fibre twin rudders and her towering 48m Hall Spars rig.
With all the main technical systems already tested in the shipyard, it then just remains to put the new boat through her sailing paces in a series of increasingly challenging sea trials. Due for delivery in early June, she will be an exceptional hybrid cruiser capable of roaming the globe or thrilling on the race course – all without sacrificing the comforts of the yachting lifestyle.
One of the most striking features of the wallywind110 is the sheer size of her cockpit area. Reclining on a choice of sofas, sunbeds, loungers or seats, guests can enjoy a vast 80 square metres of cockpit completely unencumbered by sail controls, which are all carefully positioned aft. There’s also a further lounging area around the "terrace on the sea" and another on the foredeck. A second hull is on order and will soon emerge from the moulds.
In a shipyard dedicated to the construction of sail race boats, the wallyrocket51 is also taking shape. Smaller in terms of mere length, this project is set nonetheless to become a giant of the racing world and promises to outperform even the inimitable TP52. Wally is aiming to build nothing less than the world’s fastest race boat on corrected time, thanks to a rigorously studied Botin Partners Naval Architecture hull, and precise in-house engineering.
Hull lamination began in the first week of March, alongside the bulkheads and hull structures, and will be complete in May. Wally’s technical department spent five long months planning the boat in collaboration with the designers and suppliers. The tooling has to be perfect, guaranteeing that every element of the boat could be produced identically. This is the only way to ensure that every wallyrocket is built in exactly the same way. This is the mark of pure one-design racing.
Weight is naturally a key focus, with a comprehensive system for evaluating the impact of every component and design decision. Wally has worked closely with Harken and Cariboni to define and optimise the deck gear and hydraulic systems. The keel will be CNC machined with a titanium trim tab to ensure its perfect operation together with the fin, and Diverse will supply the water ballast system. The sails are developed by North Sails and the first two rigs, already on their way on a ship from New Zealand, are instead signed Southern Spars. In all, six sets of identical equipment have been bulk ordered to cover the first full year of production.
The colour of the hull is perhaps the only detail that remains undecided. What is certain is the famous Wally stripes at the bow and the coveline, which will be painted a different colour on every hull. Not only will this help distinguish the boats on the racecourse, but should also make a fine sight back in the harbour when they’re all moored up alongside.
“The year 2024 is going to be massive for Wally’s sailing history, as we launch our 49th maxi sailing yacht,” said Wally Managing Director Stefano de Vivo. “We’re intensely busy finishing these two very different yachts and starting to build additional hulls of both. The wallywind110 is destined to deliver fast, ambitious cruising wherever in the world her owner wants to take her, while the wallyrocket51 is an all-out racing machine that will revolutionise regattas for passionate owners. What they both share, however, is Wally’s total commitment to innovative solutions, jaw-droppingly attractive looks and a quality that is unmatched. This is our DNA - what Wally has always been about.”
Wally Founder and Chief Designer Luca Bassani said: “We are excited to launch two new sailing models during Wally’s 30th anniversary year. These yachts represent the two extremes of the sailing experience: cruising and racing. Wally has always been able to address both markets by applying the performance principle to every new yacht. Wherever you turn the dial between cruising and racing, a Wally yacht will always be fast and innovative. That is why the brand remains a beacon of light for passionate sailors.”

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