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Green light for the Ferretti Group project in the former Belleli Yard port area in Taranto.

Donnerstag, 6. April 2023

Planning underway on the new industrial site.
Forlì, April 6, 2023 – This is a big step forward for the Ferretti Group project in the former Belleli Yard port area in Taranto, where an industrial facility will be developed for the construction of models and moulds used to produce hulls, decks and superstructures for luxury yachts, in composite materials and carbon, as well as a research centre for advanced materials.
Yesterday, the final services conference pursuant to Art. 252 bis of the Italian Environment Code, chaired by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security, concluded with the approval by all the public administrations involved of the final remediation and industrial development project.
This means that tenders can now be organised to award permanent health and environmental safety work, with the aim of conserving uncontaminated environmental matrices – soil, subsoil, groundwater, air and the marine area outside the production site – after which the second phase can begin, i.e. the construction and operation of the plants and related works involved in the development of the facility by Ferretti Group.
The legal advisor to Ferretti Group for the entire operation was the law firm Capece Minutolo Giuliano.
“The favourable opinion of the services conference is the green light we were waiting for to proceed with a project that is a perfect fit for Ferretti Group strategy. I’d like to thank the Ministry, the Puglia regional administration and all the institutions for their attention and cooperation in connection with our industrial initiative,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “This facility will become a center of excellence, at the cutting-edge of both technology and environmental friendliness, that further strengthens our production capacity.”