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Noticias y eventos 2009

ZF Steercommand for Ferretti: a revolution in handling

lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

Duesseldorf, 18th January 2009 - Ferretti Yachts and Mochi Craft have chosen BOOT Duesseldorf 2009 as the setting for the presentation of the new, revolutionary ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti steering and manoeuvring system, developed by ZF Marine, a world leader in the production of marine propulsion systems, and customized for the Ferretti Group in close collaboration with AYT (Advanced Yacht Technology), the Ferretti group's naval design and research centre.

SteerCommand technology is based on the "steer by wire" system, developed by the aviation industry to provide more precise route-keeping and allow on board weight to be cut. This was then adopted by top-end car manufacturers to control driving stability.

In the nautical world it is a feature that appears on sizeable yachts like Ferretti Yachts and Mochi Craft models, which can offer this technological innovation through the exceptional collaboration between AYT and ZF. ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti embodies the highest levels of technology at the service of the nautical industry, setting new standards in manoeuvrability and comfort in all sailing conditions.

ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti, in fact, allows yachts to be sailed and manoeuvred in total safety at any speed.

The servo-assisted movement of the two rudders and the ability to differentiate between the toe-in and toe-out rudder angles provides unprecedented manageability, involving:

- faster rudder response
- tighter turning radius
- maximum safety in any sea conditions
- automatic back-to-zero steering wheel positioning
- maximum smooth control with active feedback to the helm
- easier manoeuvring when mooring
- variation of angle between rudders as a function of boat speed

In order to increase comfort and handling stability even further, the ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti active feedback dynamically varies the turning resistance of the helm wheel according to the yacht's speed, while at lower speeds it makes steering smoother and easier, facilitating mooring operations. Steering comfort is further enhanced by ZF's innovative Joystick Manoeuvring System (JMS). The JMS provides electronic control of motors, reversers and bow thrusters. An electronic control system allows the craft to be moved in any direction by moving the joystick. Approaching a quay, 360° on-the-spot rotation and other manoeuvres that are complicated to execute using the traditional control levers become extremely simple operations, as the electronic JMS system provides precise throttle control and smooth engagement of the drives.
The innovative Joystick Manoeuvering System (JMS) by ZF now also ensures outstandingly effective handling for shaft line yachts of any dimension, even in difficult sea and weather conditions.

ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti will also limit considerably roll while turning, even at high speeds, through constant, independent management of the rudders, ensuring comfort and safety under way.

The entire system is designed to withstand high workloads and has been tested to be safe, reliable and function without interruption, ensuring excellent performance even under the most adverse conditions.

ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti will initially be installed on board of Ferretti Yachts (Ferretti 510, Ferretti 592, Ferretti 631) and Mochi Craft models (Long Range 23, Dolphin 54'). It is an exceptional innovation that reflects the philosophy of excellence shared by the two Ferretti group yards.

Ferretti Yachts and Mochi Craft are brands of Ferretti S.p.A., one of the leading companies in the design, construction and sale of luxury motoryachts, with a unique portfolio of nine of most exclusive brands in the nautical world: Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN, Custom Line. Ferretti group, founded by Norberto Ferretti in 1968, is on the cutting-edge of the nautical world, thanks to constant product and process innovation, and continuous research within the sphere of technology. Luxury yachts are designed by a team of about 90 designers and specialised technicians (Advanced Yacht Technology), and built in the Group's 25 production units. The Group's over 3,000 employees, managed by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Norberto Ferretti, share a continuous quest for quality, technological excellence, top performance, an exclusive, innovative design, maximising comfort and taking painstaking care over detail. This common, daily commitment has taken Ferretti group to the very heights of the nautical world. The group is also present in Asia, through a branch of representation and promotion in Shanghai, and on the American continent. An exclusive network of about 85 carefully selected dealers market group yachts in over 80 countries, and guarantee clients the very best assistance in marinas all over the world.

The ZF group is a leading supplier for automotive driveline and chassis technology worldwide. The group comprises 119 plants located in 25 countries employing around 57,400 employees. With sales of 12.6 billion Euro in 2007, ZF ranks among the world's 15 largest automotive suppliers. The "Marine Propulsion Systems" Business Unit of ZF is also a leader in the marine market. Coordinated through its headquarters at ZF Padova, Italy, ZF Marine has 11 plants located in 7 countries with 1,200 employees and achieved sales of 264 million Euro in 2007. ZF Marine supplies complete propulsion systems and components for all types of vessels to some of the most renowned shipyards and engine manufacturers worldwide. For more information on this product and other products of ZF Marine, please visit the website:

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