Seven launches during the past month. Seven maxi yachts from the prestigious Custom Line fleet slid into the water during May and June. An incredible parade of vessels that have contributed to making the quay at CRN into a prestigious marina. At the beginning of the summer just before the hand over to their respective owners, the Custom Line 94’ hull n°20 "Clementine", Custom Line 112’ hull n°6 "Camarik", Custom Line 112’ hull n° 10 "ThalySSa", the Navetta 30 hull n° 12, the Navetta 30 hull n° 13 "Kardin", the Navetta 30#14 "Klobuk" and the Navetta 30#15, were moored side by side along the quay at CRN. It is a rare spectacle for any visitor or owner on entering CRN: the area of water in front of the shipyard was transformed into a prestigious showcase of maxi yachts ready to sail the waters all over the world. An excellent productive workforce the makes the shipyard from the Marche Region unique within the international framework of yachting and which is a confirmation, not only for numbers but also for the quality.