News und Events 2005

Launched the Custom Line 112#10 Thalyssa

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2005

Another launch at CRN: the fourth in the Custom Line series after the Custom Line 94’ hull no. 20, Custom Line 112’ hull no. 6 and hull no. 12 of the Navetta 30 that have all been launched within the last twenty days. Incredible numbers, if one considers that we are talking about maxi yachts from 29 to 34 metres in composite materials that further confirm the frenetic activity of the shipyard. The tenth of the prestigious planning line, the Custom Line 112’ slid gracefully into the water last 9th June. The owner named this vessel, refined and at the same time dynamic, carefully designed and sober in all its particulars, "ThalySSa". A maxi yacht which attracts because of the attention to detail, the result of an experience gained and that makes this line an unquestionable symbol of perfection. The launch, that took place at the Doric shipyard, was attended by several of the owner’s guests and was greeted with enthusiasm by all who participated especially those who created this much dreamed of and desired jewel as they saw it slip into the water. The internal decor, designed by Zuccon International Project and the technical staff at CRN, and exterior layout reflect the refined and exclusive taste of the owner.