Custom Line maxi yachts change their logo. As of this year the prestigious Custom Line vessels will leave the shipyard bearing the traditional Custom Line brand, that is a "figurative" part, the characteristic double "F" and a name, "Custom Line". This logo replaces the historical gold double "F" under which the Ferretti Group was founded and which continued to be at the top end of the vessels built by the same Group. The Custom Line logo will be not only, on the side of each vessel but will be the leit motif on everything which is personalised. This is a marketing strategy that the management at CRN wanted so that it could strengthen the identity of a brand that is currently a world leader in the production of super yachts in composite materials. It is the confirmation of a young fleet of which 45 vessels have been launched since 1998 and which underlines its identity and brand in an ever increasing panorama and diversification of products. The Navetta 30#12 and Custom Line 112#06 "Camarik, launched recently, are the first vessels to sail under the new logo. There are currently five lines of the Custom Line maxi yachts under construction at the CRN shipyard that are synonymous of the high standard of the composite production of the Ferretti Group. These displacement, semi displacement and planing vessels are exclusive and at the same time refined. Custom Line 94’, Custom Line 112’, Custom Line 128’, Custom Line Navetta 30 and Custom Line Navetta 43 are the protagonists in a universe that is prestigious and a unique world even more recognisable and powerful.