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                              he unique qualities and aesthetic appeal of
                              the Ferretti Yachts 920 are as sensationally
                              striking as a big bang. It wins hearts almost in-
                              stantly and it is a giant in so many ways that after
                  T its launch other yachts in the same category will
                  seem dwarfed in comparison to it. The new masterpiece from
                  Ferretti Yachts stems from the partnership between the Ferret-
                  ti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, the Engineering De-
                  partment and Zuccon International Project. The LOA is 28.49
                  metres and it has a hull measuring 23.98 metres, so it can be
                  registered as a recreational craft. The Ferretti Yachts 920 has a
                  dynamic, irrepressible profile, thanks to the same stylistic design
                  features that have completely modernised the models launched
                  in recent years and ensured their international success. The first
                  major new feature involves raising the height of the bow. As well
                  as giving the yacht an imposing presence on the water, this has
                  allowed the addition of a wide-body master suite on the main
                  deck. The detailing on the gunwale, which also helps to empha-
                  sise the yacht’s “aggressive” character, continues beyond the bul-
                  wark walkways, “cutting” into the design of the windows in the
                  master cabin. The exterior spaces offer an impressive amount of
                  space for relaxation and luxurious furnishings, both built-in and
                  free-standing. The latter are by the famous Italian outdoor furni-
                  ture specialist Roda. The flybridge is a panoramic deck designed
                  for relaxation: it is covered by a special blacked-out window sit-

                  The impressive spaces for relaxation on board the Ferretti Yachts 920 are enriched by luxurious furnishings both built-in and free-standing,
                  by famous Italian design firms such as Roda, Florim, Minotti, Potocco, Antolini, OmniDecor and Ernestomeda. Top page,
                  a panoramic view of the main deck lounge, with the anthracite-grey parquet flooring and paneled in exquisite walnut wood with chocolate
                  tones. Right page, the wide body Master suite, the futuristic pilot house and other details of both interiors and exteriors.

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