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                                                       OF FAME

                                              n ancient times, land dwellers thought that the sea was the
                                              end of everything. However, seafarers like us soon realized that
                                           Ieverything – including challenges, discoveries and conquests –
                                           began with the sea. We’re crazy enough to think that we can leave a mark
                                           among the waves, like the handprints of the stars on the Walk of Fame in
                                           Hollywood. We seafarers call these magnificent marks on the water “boats”.
                                           An irrational, marvellous passion is shared by all of us: producers, owners and
                                           enthusiasts. We feel an irresistible attraction to the pleasures of sailing: expanses
                                           of blue stretching as far as the eye can see, bracing breezes, spine-tingling speed
                                           and the sense of wellbeing offered by comfort, luxury and technology. That’s
                                           why we often test the limits of rationality on a quest to make the most beautiful,
                                           refined and powerful yachts. Our desire to leave a mark on the sea helped the
                                           Ferretti Group to claim the “2017 Best Shipyard of the Year” award. We were
                                           delighted to be presented with the accolade during the World Yachts Trophies
                                           event at the 40th Cannes Yachting Festival. It wonderfully paves the way for
                                           the 50th anniversary of Ferretti Yachts in 2018, which we will celebrate on the
                                           grand scale befitting such a momentous occasion. You will find the reasons
                                           behind the award in the pages, yachts and events in this issue.
                                           They start with the prominent picture on the cover of the majestic Ferretti
                                           Yachts 920, a yacht that is so innovative and astounding that it will win your
                                           heart on the first sea trial. Then there is the new Pershing 9X, the design for
                                           the Riva ’90 and the two CRN yachts, the 50m Superconero and the 62m CRN
                                           137. These are all models that stem from the head, heart and visionary talent
                                           of the Ferretti Group. Further spellbinding sensations are offered by unique,
                                           memorable events such as “Extraordinary World”, an exclusive Duran Duran
                                           concert at the Yacht Club de Monaco. An enthusiastic audience of guests and
                                           owners watched the show on a stage that seemed to skim the water’s surface.
                                           Meanwhile, the Itama 62 put in a fantastic performance as the “leading
                                           motor yacht” in the outstanding action movie “American Assassin”, featuring
                                           Michael Keaton and the young star Dylan O’Brien. Go and watch it to find
                                           out how the beauty of a large open vessel can help to save the world.
                                           I would like to close by offering everyone my heartfelt best wishes for a
                                           magnificent 2018. As I have said, it is the year of a huge milestone for us: the
                                           50th anniversary of Ferretti Yachts. We will do our very best to astonish you
                                           and make you fall even more in love with our special yachts.

                                           Happy New Year and happy sailing!

                                                                    ALBERTO GALASSI
                                                            Ferretti Group Chief Executive Officer

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