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The Ferretti Group is becoming more                       weeks. Then it will be the turn of the innovative
                and more like the sea being navigated     and eagerly awaited Ferretti Yachts 450, followed,
                by our fantastic yachts: it never stays   after the summer, by the debut of Pershing 5X, Riva
                still, always changing and moving         100’ Corsaro, Ferretti Yachts 850, and the exquisite
                forward, driven by the untamed            Navetta 37, the new masterpiece by Custom Line
energy of the waves. And out of the waters comes          which, alongside its older sister Navetta 42 unveiled
a masterpiece of style and beauty: the new Rivamare,      in Miami, is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the
the outstanding 38-foot Riva that is set to become the    brand’s birth. Few believed we would be able to build
new flagship built by the masterful craftsmanship of      so many new models in such a short space of time.
our historic shipyards in Sarnico. A jewel that you       Now that ever more new yachts built by our Group
will be able to admire, as an exclusive preview, on       are ploughing across the seas all around the world,
the front cover of the magazine and in the pages that     captivating new owners and enthusiasts, we can proudly
follow. The Ferretti Group, like the sea itself, reaches  say without fear of contradiction that we are the second
into other territories as well. Formula 1, for example,   nautical Group in the world. And there is no stopping
where we made our debut with a groundbreaking             us now: the Ferretti Group is also making waves in the
partnership between Riva and Ferrari, two legendary       Defence and Security market thanks to the launch
Italian brands linked by their history of success and     of the new FSD, the Ferretti Security and Defence
the genius of two prodigies of modern times: Enzo         division that promises to broaden our horizons even
Ferrari and Carlo Riva. It is a source of deep pride to   more. It also gives me great pleasure to welcome into
see the aquamarine logo on the helmets of Sebastian       the Ferretti Group, as a shareholder, Mr. Piero Ferrari,
Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.                                a highly accomplished and passionate entrepreneur
There is a great deal of genius, as well as engineering   whose contribution in the Product Strategy Committee
design, innovation and beauty in the new yachts           in recent years has been key. Today, his presence on
– between 12 to 37 metres in length – that we             the Board of Directors, too, will help us grow even
are presenting this year, the result of the three-        more. And now it’s time to put out for the summer, the
year development plan launched in 2015 with an            season of sunshine and sailing. Enjoy this wonderful
investment of 80 million Euros, 50 of which are           issue of Protagonist, with its splendid array of unique
allocated to research and development. Rivamare will      yachts and extraordinary tales.
soon be followed by the new Riva 76 Open, whose
name and presentation will be revealed in the coming      Happy yachting everybody!

Ferretti Group Chief Executive Officer

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